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Threaded Weld Stud Strength Loads

Stud Thread DiameterMax. Shear in lbs.**Yield Load in lbs.Ultimate Load in lbs.Yield Torque*Ultimate Torque*Recommended Tightening Torque***
10-24 UNC7468301,03033 in-lbs.36 ft-lbs.24 in-lbs.
1/4-20 UNC1,3901,5501,9006 ft-lbs.7 ft-lbs.5 ft-lbs.
5/16-18 UNC2,3002,5603,19013 ft-lbs.15 ft-lbs.12 ft-lbs.
3/8-16 UNC3,4003,8004,70024 ft-lbs.27 ft-lbs.21 ft-lbs.
7/16-14 UNC4,6505,2006,40038 ft-lbs.42 ft-lbs.33 ft-lbs.
1/2-13 UNC6,2006,9008,65059 ft-lbs.65 ft-lbs.51 ft-lbs.
5/8-11 UNC9,90011,00013,780118 ft-lbs.130 ft-lbs.101 ft-lbs.
3/4-10 UNC14,60016,30020,300209 ft-lbs.230 ft-lbs.189 ft-lbs.
7/8-9 UNC20,20022,60028,100337 ft-lbs.370 ft-lbs.288 ft-lbs.
1-8 UNC26,60029,60036,900505 ft-lbs.555 ft-lbs.432 ft-lbs.