• TWi-250CP is is the best choice if you also have to weld Cuphead Pins.  It is designed to slow the discharge from the capacitor to the weld.  Cuphead Pins are unlike CD Studs that have an ignition tip.  Therefore, slowing the discharge gives a better weld to the pointed tip of a Cuphead Pin.
  • Set-Point Discharge: Unit discharges directly to a new set point without needing to discharge completely
  • Universal Input Voltage: Plug and play, no need to re-tap the machine for 110V or 220V input voltages
  • Low input voltage capability enables operation with long extension cords
  • Contact and Trigger Indicators for fast troubleshooting of hand tool and weld cable maintenance issues
  • Thermal and Voltage protection indicators to protect the unit from damage due to overheating or poor input power
  • Terminal connections on capacitors have 1/4-20 socket set screws inserted into each one. The socket set screw is used to make the connection to the buss bars. This eliminates damaging the threads in the aluminum connections of the capacitor, assuring a solid contact connection.
  • Rigid internal construction connecting the the entire internal unit to the front and rear panels minimizes the opportunity of the components coming loose during handling or operations.
  • Sheet metal is powder-coated for greater durability, texture, and appearance.
  • CD Stud guns are ergonomically designed for better hand fit and comfort which reduces operator fatigue for increased weld repeatability.
  • CD Stud guns have a permanent internal spring with easy adjustment for various spring pressures for applying the correct spring pressure to the weld.
  • CD Stud guns can be configured for “B” collets, “CI” collets, Euro collets, or standard tapered chucks.
  • The TWi-250 CD Unit weighs less than most other available models for ease of carrying.
  • Size/Dimension:
  • 14” L, 10.5” W, 11.5” H

    356mm x 267mm x 292mm

  • Weight:
    18 lbs.
  • Weld Range:
    14 gauge through 1/4″ stainless Including Cuphead Pins
  • Weld Range:
    14 gauge through 1/4″ stainless
  • Duty Cycle:
    18 studs per minute @ 1/4″ settings
  • Primary Power:

    85-250 VAC, 6.0-2.0A, 50/60Hz

    10A Fast Acting Fuse

  • Charge Voltage:
    35-200 VDC



The TW-i series of capacitor discharge stud welders incorporates the latest solid state technology into a compact, light-weight, and rugged CD stud welder. This full line of equipment is capable of welding pins, cup head pins, and CD studs ranging from 14-gauge up to 3/8” full-flanged stainless steel studs.

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Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 12 in