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  • Collet for CD Welding with adjustable stop.
  • Fits Tru-Weld Equipment and HBS CD Welding Guns.
  • Call us if you are unsure of which collet you need! 1-800-936-1948
  • Dimensions: .390″ OD x 1.781″ Long

This is our preferred collet.  Unlike the “B” Collet where you must use a “Stop” so the stud doesn’t slide all the way through your collet, the Soyer or Euro Collet has an adjustable stop.  So, no matter what length stud you are shooting, you can adjust the collet accordingly.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in
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CDBS-002M-Stud Diameter 2mm, CDBS-003M-Stud Diameter 3mm, CDBS-004M-Stud Diameter 4mm, CDBS-005M-Stud Diameter 5mm, CDBS-006M-Stud Diameter 6mm, CDBS-010M-Stud Diameter 10mm, CDBS-010-Stud Diameter #4, CDBS-013-Stud Diameter #6, CDBS-015-Stud Diameter #8, CDBS-025-Stud Diameter 1/4", CDBS-031-Stud Diameter 5/16", CDBS-037-Stud Diameter 3/8", CDBS-018-Stud Diameter #10